Thursday, March 26, 2009

The more things change, the more I am a depressing lump

Last year I left myself a series of questions to be answered during this year's BufBloPoFo:

Did you pass the bar yet, dummy?
--Yes. Clearly, that proves that I are not dumb.
Did you get a job yet, lazy?
--No, but I have actually tried. You're the lazy one.
Did you buy a house yet, house-less guy?
--See the above answer. Job first, then house.
Do you have dependable transportation?
--Yes. I depend on my friends.
What was your favorite car?
--Probably the Geoff Bodine Chevy Lumina. I seized the brakes on Elmwood Avenue.
Are you still keeping in touch with your friends thru the blogosphere?
--Does Facebook count as the blogosphere? I'm still holding out off the Twitterlution.
Do you ever socialize with anyone in person?
--Yeah, a little bit. Not much. I am a misanthrope.
What's your favorite planet?
--Mine's the sun.
Are you still brewing your own beer?
--Not nearly often enough.
Do you have a business model in place yet to start selling it?
--Not even close to starting to get ready to think about it.
Do you still want to own a bar?
--Very much. The only reason to get a job is to make enough money to retire and buy a bar.
How much do you weigh?
--I don't know. Still lots.
Does Zeppelin still rule?
--They do. And they always will.

I am going to leave these questions here in order to answer them again next year. And every year until I am satisfied with all of the answers. Then I'll come up with some new questions.

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