Monday, March 23, 2009

To forgive, devine

Oh Mad Typist - I couldn't stay mad at you. I didn't feel slighted so much as I just didn't want to talk about soup. All is forgiven - assuming you forgive my childish tantrum.

I used to have a much more substantial internet presence than I do now. "" was actually a website that I had before most of us knew what blogger was. It was generally a stream-of-consciousness humor/rant site that I updated once a week. Eventually, it grew to include three other staff writers, a trivia section and guest submissions. I discontinued it when I went to Europe for a few months, and never really picked it up again. I launched this blog in order to get back on the horse, as it were, for last year's BufBloPoFo. I immediately fell back off. I know that there were those who were disappointed in this, and I vow not to let it happen again this time. I intend to keep up the blog, at least weekly (or at least weakly). I appreciate your encouragement, and invite you to follow along the winding road of me trying to find a job and whatever lies beyond.

I've never really thought about working for a magazine - except for Blush Magazine, because Laura San Giacomo is hot. I guess the easy answer would be Playboy or High Times, but I don't smoke reefer and I doubt the girlfriend would appreciate the other one. I think Popular Science might be cool, because they get to try out products and stuff, right? I have no desire to work for any of the magazines that the girlfriend sneaks into the grocery store check-out line. I wouldn't really want to work for any of those Men's interest like Maxim or Stuff or one of those. I guess I would most be interested in something challenging, important and lasting.

That seemingly simple question about working at a magazine may have just shed some light on what legacy I'd like to leave once I've passed on. I'd like to do things challenging, interesting and lasting.

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Mad Typist said...

I'm glad you forgive me.

Nice mix of magazines. Perhaps I should have asked you to describe the perfect magazine you'd like to write for instead.

I hope you do keep blogging. I also hope you download a nice new template, as your all red background makes me see weird light spots if I stare at it too long. :)