Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soup Post

(I'm drunk)

Ooooooh, I'm the Cultural Cuisinart, I'm too good to blog about hoffie. Ooooooh, look at what's on tv, I know a lot about pop culture. Ooooooh. I'm important so read my blog - far too important to blog about hoffie, oooooh.

I like soup. I haven't always, but I do now. Apparently, according to my mother, I used to have a real problem with cream in general and with cream soups in particular. That was before I understood that they were mostly fat. I like fat.

I like minestrone soup. Despite my aversion to sausage and meatballs, I like Italian Wedding. But, while I'm not proud of this, my favorite soup might be Amanda's mother's Seven Onion Soup which I have had on two consecutive celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ (those more calendarialy bound call this Christmas, but some of those of us who are more enlightened celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior for several weeks).

There are a few Progresso brand soups with a Weight Watchers points value of ZERO per serving. Not that I'm a fat-ass or anything.

I don't like mushrooms or mushroom soup.

(It should be noted that I was in a bar drinking before 12:30, and that Syracuse Univerity has advanced to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Either one of these would lead to my inebriation, but both together are dangerous. Bring on the Sooners!)


Big Bear said...

It's more like bring on THE sooner...Blake Griffin is a BEAST

Mad Typist said...

I'm a jerk. Please forgive me.